Kamenorezacka radnja Matijasevic


Company Matijašević exists for many generations and works as modern, dynamic family company involved in import, storage, processing, installation and selling of all kind of marble and granite.

Our field of work is everything that moder stone processing and installation means, regarding exteriors and interiors. According to your project, we can profesionaly and with good quality to produce floring, stairs, kitchen tops, bars, fasade and all of it can be transported and installed on desired location. It`s up to you just to make a choice, and we will gladly provide you assistance.

Long time ago we have established oursleves on Sebian market and in cooperation with all major distributors we are expanding our influence abroad, mainly at ex Yugoslavian countries markets by distributing goods in form of blocks, slabs and final products. Our profesionalism, quality of services, wide range of materials and low prices helps us strengthen costumer confidence.

Let return to nature be our mutual eternal mark in stone!



Ibarski put bb


11550, Lazarevac, Serbia


Tel: +381 64 8229156